Top 15 Search Engine Optimization SEO Secrets for Beginners

Search Engine Optimization is the internet based one of the most major concerns for bloggers, webmasters and marketers for small or big businesses. SEO is not a limited topic it discusses an elaboration of entire technical web based approaches which appear on keyword basis search terms on SERPs(Search Engine Result Pages). Internet Power Users give value the best practices of SEO and the preliminaries are driven traffic huge using the best utilities from internet. Today in this tutorial i’d show you all how you can optimize your content on the basis of SEO so that your pages can work better with search robots and easily they appear on first trending pages of Google and other search engines.

Top 15 Search Engine Optimization SEO Secrets for Beginners.

It’s true that without good search visibility neither you could improve your page rank nor get valued to readers so your online presence will be totally abortive. This tutorial will be varying in different other most trending topics to simplify the hardest term of SEO to you all. I hope you’d be staying with us. Let’s move on this topic, start with SEO as a beginner to understand accurately.

#1 Submit Website To Search Engines:

google bing sitemapg submission

Search engines are the restore point of delivering traffic to different millions of websites per second. Once you created a website and wish to get visitors daily without submitting sitemap or legal website to Search Engines it’s not possible for you.You must submit your website with a complete rich media sitemap file to Google, Yahoo, Bing and other major search engines. Use following tutorials to handle over this term.

#2 Both on-site SEO off-site SEO are Required:

On-page Off-page SEO
On page SEO involves to do things lots for an HTML page of a site such that it identifies the keywords, key topics, heading tags, meta description tags, texts, images, hyperlinks, rel attributes, webpage design, page speed, inbound links, HTML Markup validation, alt tags for images, body fonts and lots of issues which work to optimize your site for search engines.

Off page SEO includes different types of things which also work for Search Engine Optimization but it works outer your site performance such that social interactions, social bookmarking, web directories, link building, blog commenting, forums, website credibility, public relations and other more adoptions that can help you get traffic also rank in Alexa and Google.

#3 Keep Special Focus on Keyword Competitions:

The most effective concern to both SEO and SEM project is sorting out the higher competitive keywords for online business campaigns through websites. Before to start writing your content there are lots of things to do and first one should be the selection of perfect keyword on the basis you can write you successful content for better marketing also to gain traffic for longer period. Use Google Trends, Google Keyword Planner and Bing Keyword Tools to target your keywords on Giant Search Engines in order that you made sure you will have the maximum traffic from these giant traffic resources.

#4 Optimize Post Title For Search Robots

When Search Engine Robots land on a certain page to index it the directory it first hunts for heading tags crawling the HTML structures of your pages unlike the humans that we see our eyes on a certain web page. Use H1 tag as header also post title, use H2 for subheading tags onto your page, use H4 tags for sidebar title also do so for footer section titles. Keep the ratio of characters of post title 15-70, but for H4 tags it may vary from 15-45 characters. Post title should be consistent to your overall content and try to place highest searching keyword terms first then least searches. Use ( | )pipes to separate keywords neither using

( _ )underscores, ( – )dashes, or ( , )commas

#5 Use Analytics Program To Track Your Page Views

Google Analytics is one of the most effective free utilities for webmasters and bloggers. It reports you on different manners that you’re badly needed doing blogging or running multiple businesses online. Its reports include Advertising & Campaign Performances, Analysis & Testing, Audience Characteristics & Behavior, Cross Device & Cross Performance Measurements and lots other things. You will get the real time page views, unique visits, CTR and bounce rate reports through it. You will also get reports whether your pages are being affected by Google updates so that you can manually handle over things you need to do to recover the pages.

#6 Use Limited Images And Videos With Each Article

Some of the bloggers think using lots of images, embedding videos will enrich their content so that these pages will be shared and talked more on social media, that’s barely correct but doing things that always definitely hamper your page rank. Use limited but consistent images with appropriately ALT tags not needed using REL attributes. Pick images that are perfectly consistent to your content if you can’t optimize images yourself hunt for some unique on Stock Photography Sites or Picasa or Flickr rather trying Google Images. If you have tutorial relevant videos, use them but don’t use iframe tags to embed videos there is another way embedding YouTube videos read here how to embed videos without using iframe tags.

#7 Run Advertising Campaigns With Google and Facebook

Google Facebook Advertising
We suggest you not to buying traffic, fan following, or social conversions from third parties, rather appoint your money on Google Adwords Campaigns or Facebook Ads. These platforms are very effective to get more organic search traffic, help you to promote your products, get huge likes on facebook custom pages,  massive followers on twitter and so on.

#8 Give Value To Writing Big Posts

The posts are written more than thousand words will definitely get good consideration from Google as search engine robots feel better to index pages that contain huge words. These pages involve very lower probabilities to get affected by Penguin or Hummingbird algorithm also may be included in Google’s In-depth Articles once they get better share on Social Media so that you will have bonus traffic from SERPs.

#9 Keep A Sitemap Page

Spiders can’t index pages that can’t be crawled, a sitemap page will help spiders find all the important pages on your site in hierarchical way. This is especially helpful if your site has a hard-to-crawl navigation menu. If your site includes over thousands pages keep several sitemaps for better crawling. Keep each one to less than 100 links and 75 should be the max to be safe.

#10 Write User Friendly Content

Try to find problems and start it from yourself, because problems are the most effective issue to write great content and the problems yourself would help you write powerful content to teach other people. Always give value to users demand what they ask for more, set your keywords and start writing content i hope you could write even better than you expect. Always remember you’re writing for humans not for search engines so you must give value to humans, think for it more deeply so that your eagerness will be increasing and you could be able writing unique content.

#11 Build Links Intelligently

Link Building
Begin your foundational links with trusted directories.

Use social bookmarking services these will help you building links firmly from various websites (Try social marker to submit your site up to 17 different social bookmarking sites at once). Enlist your site with free local businesses by Google, Yahoo, Bing. Try broken links checker to find error pages, badhost and pages are timeout these are valued by search robots whether it results on SERPs. Don’t forget to link internal pages with respective keyword basis manner.

#12 Use Social Media Buttons

Social media is the only way to get pages valued by search engines once pages get shared, liked and tweeted more. Definitely Google shows URLs on first pages who have better social conversions also page views. Use 3 or 4 major social sharing buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest) not much more because people don’t like to share a content with almost all social sharing sites but using them limited through only most major platforms like Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter will definitely enthusiast readers to share a post more quickly. Remember these are the tracking platforms that every search engine gives value to rank a page.

#13 Give Value To Page Loading Time

Blogging success largely depends on the performance of a blog. There are lots of issues emerged and needed to fix for better performance of a site, can ultimately increase page speed, which will satisfy readers when they find your pages respond quickly then they expect. Use the following instructions to make sure reduce page load time

  • Remove background image rather use only HTML color code do so for content wrapper, outer wrapper also header
  • Host JavaScript, CSS, and executable files on your server rather using other host for blogger use the following code to install JavaScript right closing to <head> tags

<script language=’JavaScript’>



  • Host images on your server not use other location. For blogger use picasa to host images as it gives your a premium hosting for photos with upto 1GB of data storage
  • One homepage for all images use ALT tags for better indexing images it also helps better transferring datas by web browsers
  • Try to use windows default fonts. Some of us use custom fonts as windows default fonts are not well constructed, not good looking and stylish, but remember browser takes much time to load even a single piece of custom font again for windows default fonts (Arial, Helvetica, Sans-serif and more) it takes less than a micro second to load, which will definitely improve your blog performance.
  • And lots other things need to do to reduce page load time of your blog but here the basics we discussed

#14 Certify Your Site To Alexa

Alexa is the Amazon owned Global Web Information Company, it suggests traffic rank for a certain website even for itself. To get your site verified to Alexa you must join there, add meta tag onto your site opening <head> and verify your site. Also add Alexa badge widget onto your site and Alexa toolbar as Addon for your webkit browser Firefox. Get almost updated with your content with Alexa streaming. This will help you improving Alexa traffic rank

#15 Summary All In One

We discussed till now how you can improve SEO for your blog now we’re gonna close this section simplifying the summary what you learnt from this article.

  1. Write posts for humans, find out problems, fix them write content with your own words but don’t messup using complicated sentences
  2. The post URL should default to display the post title.
  3. Set H1 tag as post title also post Meta title tag
  4. Give value to On-page, Off-page optimization
  5. Give great value to Link Building
  6. The post title should include keywords, preferably at the beginning of the title.
  7. Use pipes to separate keywords, not commas, hyphens or underscores
  8. Post titles should always be unique and relevant to the content.
  9. WordPress users should use the Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin or the  All in One SEO Pack.
  10. Always write a unique and catchy Meta description tag, with a call to action if applicable, for your post, as it will attract more CTRs.
  11. Use social media buttons to let users socialize your posts
  12. Use tricks to reduce page load time
  13. Keep sitemap page for your site, also submit XML rich media sitemap to major Search Engines
  14. Always use Alt tags for images and appropriately use Rel attributes for inbound and outbound links
  15. Always include search term with post title also give special focus on Keyword Competition
  16. Never link other pages blindly without using rel=”nofollow” attribute, remember wrong using will seriously hamper your page rank also traffic rank.

Final Words:

Once you found this tutorial helpful don’t forget to share this with our vertical sharing buttons left of the screen. If you have queries to ask don’t forget to leave them off. I’d be so glad once you ask me frankly. Thanks for reading cheers pals  🙂

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