Akron Video & Media Services

We are a full-scale online video production media company which serves online video


Akron WEB DESIGNERS creates connections between top marketers and consumers by enabling messages to “come alive” with compelling video messages, leading to stronger brand relevance, response rates, conversions and revenues.

  • Online Video Production
  • Video Spokespersons
  • Online Video Ads
  • Online Video Serving
  • Interactive Media Production
  • Greenscreen Production

We are the leading producer of online video green-screen content and offer a turn-key video solution across all media in order to integrate easily into brand and direct marketing-based media plans.


Akron WEB DESIGNERS Media is a full-scale video production company specializing in shooting and delivering online video. We bring scalable online media solutions that make any client’s web site or advertising effort come alive! Our highly qualified specialists are experts at shooting, encoding and delivering video specifically for the web.

Akron WEB DESIGNERS ® online video knowledge allows us to shoot your web campaigns with ease.

Interest in video on the internet demands expertise in the technical approach to green screen shooting..Our creative team will generate a range of scripts based on your specific strategy and goals. Your video is filmed in a state of the art studio with our experienced online video production crew..We keep on top of all developments of video production technology as well as advancements in web development..Traditional and Digital Ad agencies use us to support their production at a fraction of what they would pay elsewhere..We have everything in-house and can travel wherever the advertiser needs our help

  • Interest in video on the internet demands expertise in the technical approach to green screen shooting.
  • Our creative team will generate a range of scripts based on your specific strategy and goals. Your video is filmed in a state of the art studio with our experienced online production crew.
  • We keep on top of all developments in the video and production technology as well as advancements in web development.
  • Traditional and Digital Ad agencies use us to support their production at a fraction of what they would pay elsewhere.


Akron WEB DESIGNERS ® provides state-of-the-art deployment of your videos onto your web page or ad.

The process is incredibly simple. Add one line of code to the site and your campaign goes live.

No intricate tagging process that slows down launch time.


Our back-end solution provides management and real-time reporting of your campaign, on a 24/7 basis.

Our reports provide accurate and useful info, versus other tools which overwhelm you with high-volume data that provides limited insight.

Advertising Online Video

Our online Video Ads can help enrich your online branding, conversion and marketing efforts. Stand out from the crowd and get your ad units noticed with the addition of DALLAS PRO WEB DESIGNERS ® Video Ads. We offer production and delivery for IAB standard video ad units, like banner and half banner ad units, skyscraper video ad units and Google video ads, just to name a few. See for yourself how online video can impact your company’s online marketing goals.

  • Online Video Ad Development
  • Flash Video Advertisements
  • Video Ad Delivery
  • Google Video Ads

Video Production New

Akron WEB DESIGNERS ® is a full-service, multimedia production company that specializes in online video production for delivery over the web. We provide new media solutions that combine a streamlined production process, clear-concise messaging, rich media design and engaging delivery. We take our production for delivery over the web just as serious as any other medium. As the need for new media delivery over the web increases DALLAS PRO WEB DESIGNERS provides a partner with a proven track record you can count on.

  • Website Promotional Media
  • Streaming Communication Videos
  • Web Training Platforms
  • Online Product Manuals
  • Online Video Delivery and Tracking
  • Product branding/Commercials, documentaries

Promote your brand and company like never before with online video – the most popular content on the Internet today. No matter the size of your organization, we create and distribute engaging marketing and promotional videos distributed to play both on your Web site and on the Internets most popular video sharing sites.

Video For Your Web Site

Web audiences prefer watching short, well produced videos over scanning through multiple paragraphs of text. We shoot, edit, and publish your marketing or promotional video with a “documentary” approach that profiles your business or organization using story as the main creative force.

Live Video Spokespersons

With a live video spokespersons you can increase conversions and sales tremendously by projecting your message in a real time environment. Choose between hundreds of actors and actresses, customize the message/script, choose the type of attire you wish them to wear and much more. Image picking an attractive actress and having her wear business attire or casual wear and appear the minute a user visits your site talking about your products or services. Its is a proven fact that with a live spokes person on your site conveying the right message, at the right time you can increase conversions and/or sales by as much as 300%. Call today and lets discuss how to get the most out of your online presence.

“How To” & Training Video

As the greatest knowledge repository in the world’s history, it’s perhaps no surprise that educational, training and “How To” videos have found huge popularity on the Web. Marketers now have a unique opportunity to position themselves as industry leaders by becoming online authorities.

Video for Social Media Networks

We are big believers in the inherent power of “Web 2.0” technologies to energize your marketing. That’s why we distribute your video to sites like YouTube, MetaCafe, Veoh and Facebook, Pooks.com. Not only does your message reach a wider audience but also you gain an excellent opportunity to form community relationships with a large group of new potential customers.

Video Podcasts

What could you do with your own show “broadcast” over the Internet? It’s better than TV and offers the opportunity to hyper-accelerate your brand. Develop your unique knowledge into a video series distributed over the Internet as a podcast.

Viral Video

The most successful viral videos are watched by hundreds of thousands to millions of people. This unique form of brand advertising has some unique requirements that must be met in order to succeed at that level – we can show you the path to success.

Live Streaming Video

Live streaming video has been around for awhile but now you can easily have thousands of simultaneous viewers to your stream without paying any bandwidth charges.

And Much More Too!

This page only has room to present a small fraction of all the creative marketing opportunities available to you using online video. Click here to download a list of 45 different promotional and marketing opportunities made possible by online video.